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Clockwork Angels

Posted in Music with tags on November 16, 2012 by David Wiggs

Rush was better this week than I have seen them in years. A show for the ages.




Posted in Music with tags , on November 11, 2012 by David Wiggs

Last night we saw Searching for Sugarman.

The incredible story of Sixto Rodriguez an American singer songwriter who went unknown in the US except to a select few fans who stumbled on his music in other countries. But that’s all changed thanks to this wonderful documentary.

Discovering his music, now in resurgence thanks to the movie is such a huge treat. The mono mix and production values of the albums make them something other worldly, besides the fact that writing like this only shows up in a few people every generation.

My main sadness is that the world has been deprived for forty plus years of Rodriguez’s art.

Go see the film. You owe it to yourself. To say more than that just dilutes the power of the story and an artist who speaks so well for himself.


Oh my God

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REM speeds up

Posted in Music with tags , , , on April 4, 2008 by David Wiggs

My rencent Rolling Stone review for REM’s new release Accelerate:

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rainking writes:

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I cannot remember the last time I sat in a room with no other distractions and listened to an album. And listened and listened and listened.
Apr 4, 2008 20:54:00

Old farts guide to music you should hear…

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , , , , on November 1, 2007 by David Wiggs

Ok, yeah, I’m not hip and that’s OK with me.  I have a little gray in my temples and I like to think that gives me a little perspective.  I did not say, taste.  That’s personal and entirely subjective.

On the whole the music I like is pretty broad.  But on a month to month basis, I don’t hear a ton of new music that I like.  And, ok, some of the music I like plays at the local grocery superstore as I am shopping for my tofu and toilet paper. 

Just about anything I hear on Radio Paradise I like.  Those guys have great ears.

I have been an ongoing fan of Mark Knopfler’s solo work since I heard his first one, titled, Sailing to Philadelphia.  The new one is very well done.  Not my favorite but well worth the $10 @ itunes.  His most recent with EmmyLou Harris, Real Live Road Running was masterful.

Dan Wilson, former Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare lead just did a solo disc called Free Life.  Very good.  Nice at work music.  I would ordinarily think them a slight bit too hooky but after reading Jake Schlicter’s So you want to be a rock n roll star? I got much closer to their music and I really really like the song craft.

 Marc Cohn, Walking in Memphis, just did a new disc.  Nice job, Marc.

Annie Lennox’s new one, Songs of Mass Destruction.  What can I say?  What a voice!

Nellie McKay, Obligatory Villagers.  Now this girl’s got ‘tude.  I love her.

And anyone who knows me knows of my love for the man, Bruce Hornsby.  Damn it, show me another artist out there who has written a traditional jazz cd, bluegrass and is working on a Broadway play in the same year.  Grammy’s are you listening???  If you thought The Way It Is was his best, you are not listening.  But that’s for another post.  [climbing down off soap-box].  The aforementioned Mr. Hornsby has put out an amazing disc with jazz giants Jack Dejohnette & Christian McBride:  Camp Meeting.  Check it out,. People, listen up!

That’s all for now.  And Tuesday is just around the corner!