Old farts guide to music you should hear…

Ok, yeah, I’m not hip and that’s OK with me.  I have a little gray in my temples and I like to think that gives me a little perspective.  I did not say, taste.  That’s personal and entirely subjective.

On the whole the music I like is pretty broad.  But on a month to month basis, I don’t hear a ton of new music that I like.  And, ok, some of the music I like plays at the local grocery superstore as I am shopping for my tofu and toilet paper. 

Just about anything I hear on Radio Paradise I like.  Those guys have great ears.

I have been an ongoing fan of Mark Knopfler’s solo work since I heard his first one, titled, Sailing to Philadelphia.  The new one is very well done.  Not my favorite but well worth the $10 @ itunes.  His most recent with EmmyLou Harris, Real Live Road Running was masterful.

Dan Wilson, former Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare lead just did a solo disc called Free Life.  Very good.  Nice at work music.  I would ordinarily think them a slight bit too hooky but after reading Jake Schlicter’s So you want to be a rock n roll star? I got much closer to their music and I really really like the song craft.

 Marc Cohn, Walking in Memphis, just did a new disc.  Nice job, Marc.

Annie Lennox’s new one, Songs of Mass Destruction.  What can I say?  What a voice!

Nellie McKay, Obligatory Villagers.  Now this girl’s got ‘tude.  I love her.

And anyone who knows me knows of my love for the man, Bruce Hornsby.  Damn it, show me another artist out there who has written a traditional jazz cd, bluegrass and is working on a Broadway play in the same year.  Grammy’s are you listening???  If you thought The Way It Is was his best, you are not listening.  But that’s for another post.  [climbing down off soap-box].  The aforementioned Mr. Hornsby has put out an amazing disc with jazz giants Jack Dejohnette & Christian McBride:  Camp Meeting.  Check it out,. People, listen up!

That’s all for now.  And Tuesday is just around the corner!


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