F the AFA

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What’s the American Family Ass. doing reading the Advocate anyway?  Screw them.  This ad is the most innocuous thing I’ve ever seen.  Portraying a happy family, what a crime.



First snow of the season.

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Well, it’s officially here.  Winter.  A full 8 days early!  Ok, it was really only about an inch and a half.  But in places, we had two inch drifts!  I’m NOT kidding.

I love how things slow down when it snows.  The world goes quiet.  The fireplaces roar to life.  Coffee pots are cranked up to maximum capacity.  And, in our house, at least, cocooning!  Long days reading.  Scoot chairs closer to the fire, wrap up, and watch the world go by.

I’m exhausted.  Time for a nap.

Mary,full of grace.

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Our neighbor, Mary Lea Burden, passed away last night–much to our shock. 

We are terribly sad today to look over at her kitchen window and know she is gone.  Together we had revived an old tradition she had had with her longtime neighbor, Sam, whose house we now occupy, of looking for each other through our windows and waving hello.  If we forgot to raise our bedroom shade, the next time she saw us she’d ask if we were OK.  She was just like that–thoughtful.  Sweet.  The Grandmother we had been without for too long.

She was grace.  And class.  And pride.

Mary was of that generation where you wore nice clothes to run errands.  She delighted in her daily walks.  And her geramiums.  And her tomatoes.  We introduced her to pesto.  She brought us slices of pie from the church bake sale.   We had a beer together at our favorite watering hole.  A sweet, symbiotic relationship–the way neighbors used to be.  And I miss her already. 

Even our cat, Charles, had a special relationship with Mary.  He wanted to live at her house.  So often he would go over and sit at her door and meow, wanting to be let in.  And he did sneak in one day.  But more often than not, Mary would see him and come sit on the porch steps to give him his required attention.  She thought he was a girl, but Charles didn’t seem to mind.

This summer, when we painted our picket fence, Mary insisted on helping.  I had been threatening to start for a week and she looked for me out the window several days in a row.  When she saw the supplies come out of the garage, she was out the door–paintbrush in hand.  She confided later that she was happy to see me rent the power sprayer to do the second coat.  Some of us just take longer to come to solutions–she knew it all along.

Doing a favor for Mary, was like pulling teeth.  We’d head to the grocery store and call to see if she needed anything and she’d say no.  Then the next day we’d spy her coming in the door with a shopping bag.  Gradually, we wore her down and she’d let us pick up the occasional item.  That insistence on doing for herself kept her going.  Gave her something to look forward to.  And kept us in awe.

We will miss her greatly.

Happy, No Lucky.

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The new Mike Leigh film Happy Go Lucky was at my local independent film center this weekend.  I was eager to see it after seeing the headlines advertising it as a the feel good movie of the season and that you’d leave up and energized.  The promise was a cheap thrill considering the $6 it cost.

But I have to say I did not leave happy, up, or smiling; or any other emotion other than confused.  Wondering why I had spent the money.

This film, for me, falls into that category of movies that have a way of purposely insulting you by making you feel left out if you re not crazy for their genius or you don’t get the nebulous vignettes they’re stringing together.  I would have to mention films such as “Eagle Vs. Shark” in the same sentence.

Perhaps I don’t want to get it if it means sitting through 2 hours of non-sequiters waiting and wondering if something is going to happen.  I still want to be entertained.  Sure, I want to be challenged and caused to question and not force-fed everything.  But if I wanted to watch a group of people get drunk and sit around laughing at seemingly inside jokes that the audience isn’t allowed in on, I’d hang out at the local college dorm on Friday nights.

I loved Vera Drake.  At least it took me somewhere.  I empathized with her.  Felt her pain.  Saw her good.  Poppy (Happy Go Lucky) just eventually annoyed me.  Her life and times were apathetically, superficially and pointlessly giddy often reaching for nowhere.  A feeling I found unsettling.

I don’t consider myself an unsophisitcated dud or movie moron.  Hard to grasp character studies fascinate me.  You can call me a lover of sap, but I’ll take any mainstream canned film that Hollywood puts out over Happy Go Lucky.  At least I know I’m being pandered to–and I’m ok with that.

Today I am thankful

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Today again, a sunny day in the PNW.  But this one was different.  The sunlight streaming through clouds as we made our way around our favorite park with the dog in tow felt positively balmy.  Springlike, even.   Not that cold, brisk sunlight that graces rare winter days but warmth like an unexpected early spring day.

It was positively wonderful to breathe in the fresh pine air.  Walking with my wife and our “doghter” I couldn’t have been happier.  We liked it so much we made 2 loops! 

Today I am thankful for sunny days in the middle of a Pacific northwest winter, a long happy marriage, the health and energy to take the walk and time to enjoy it.

Keith Olbermann: What’s it to you?

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Required viewing for America and the world.

obama in norfolk virginia

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