75% and getting better

Thanks to all my regular readers.  And sorry for the lack of stuff on my blog as of late.

After 2 pretty major surgeries in a month, I have been laid pretty low.

For starters:  Emergency appendectomy while traveling in Montana-  2 days in the hospital post-op.   But a big shout out to our friends Chris, Patty, Jack and Molly-dog for allowing us to turn what was to be a 1 day stop over into a 6 day extended recovery.

After getting home, 2 weeks later I proceeded to a scheduled double hernia surgery.  WOW.  That’s a lot of freaking pain.

Now 2 weeks post-op from THAT surgery–I’m on the mend but not able to walk more than about a 1/2 mile. 

We leave next week for a 3 week swing on the East coast visiting family and friends from New York to North Cakalaky.

So I hope to have some great stories to regale you with when I return.  Until then, be well!


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