Joe Six Pack

Haven’t we had enough dumb asses in the highest office in the land.  I mean, 8 years is enough of idiotic people who can’t even say NUCLEAR.  NO, Sarah, we DON’T want “Joe 6-Pack” in office.  This is not (as Bill Maher would say) the United Stupid of America.  Or, maybe it is.  This woman is not intellectually curious. 

As Americans, we need intelligence in the White House.  It’s time for brilliance.  We need leadership to get us out of this mess.  Not bullshit.  Or should I say moose shit.

Time to go back to Alaska, Gov. Palin.  Bow out.  Give up.  America will love you for it.

If, by some strange coincidence, McCain and Palin win, I am for sure immigrating to Canada.


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