Everytime I see the look on Tyson Gay’s face it practically makes me want to burst into tears!  I feel so sorry for this guy!  He should have won 3 gold.  He is such a great runner.  Last night in the 400 relay, OMG!?  I wanted to fly to Beijing and give him a hug! 

Don’t give up, Tyson!  You’re the man. You’re talented.  And all of America (and the world) know you’re still a champ!  2012.  It’s you.

I love that when interviewed, Tyson made “no excuses” and took full responsibilty in the 100 and 400.  The guy is a top notch competitor.  Classy.  No bullshit and smokscreens.  He just said:  I didn’t get it done.  Say what you will about doping scandals, etc.  Innocent until proven guilty, I say.


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