USA Gymnast robbed!

Let me get this straight, Olympic judges:  The Gold medal for women’s vault is for people who fall down during their vault and the Silver medal is for people who go out of bounds?  Nearly perfect vaults in which the landing is stuck with a slight hop are relegated to 4th place.  Not even Bronze!

Shame on you, judges.  Alicia Sacramone deserves at least the Silver.  Too bad there’s not a way to dispute this ruling.

Alicia was robbed!  This was perhaps the most blatant case of country favoritism I have ever seen.  This was by FAR the worst judging I have seen.  The worst score–for a nearly perfect routine.


One Response to “USA Gymnast robbed!”

  1. Maybe these scores on vault, will help future gymnast’s..
    OK, If you think you won’t have a good landing. it is
    better to land on your knees or just go out of bounds
    instead of making a small hop on your landing. and I do
    agree!! Alicia Sacramone was Robbed! of Gold” in
    broad daylight..

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