Semi-retirement is hard work!

The “things to do around the house this summer” list as long as my arm is now getting shorter, but boy am I exhausted! 

Operation Paint the Fence is underway.  I am in love love love with the freaking Pressure Washer.  I don’t know what it is!  But there’s something in us that does not love grime and green algae that proliferates in shady spots in the Pacific NW.  And the “Algaebuster 2000” (not it’s official name) sees the algae and dirt and grime from 8 months of rain go flying away at 1500 p.s.i.  Thanks Kath for the loaner and my new obsession.  I want to blast everything with a stream of high pressure water.  But alas, I have to begin phase 2 of Operation Paint:  replace wood. 

I need another beer.  Pass the muscle relaxers.


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