Stevie Wonder live highlights

July 12, Stevie Wonder, GM Place.  Vancouver Canada:
The whole show was a party.  We did not sit down.  The man plowed through his catalog and kept taking the place higher until the end.  The place wanted more but the lights went up with out an encore.  And I suspect it was a contractual timing thing.  Last year’s show ended sort of abruptly as well and right near 10.  Again, I suspect the venue rules.  Because Stevie seemed to want to keep on going.  Not complaining, mind you.  HOW do you keep that kind of energy up for 2+ hours!  He and the band did NOT stop.

One of the coolest things to happen (to quote my brother in law) was Stevie Wonder doing a Michael Jackson song like Peter Frampton!

Stevie sang Human Nature (Thriller) through his vocoder and when he sang lyrics like “Electric eyes are everywhere” sounding like a flirty ATM singing to the Brinks man.  OK, I know that’s a strage description but I’m running on a little sleep dep.  Freaking cool.  I would love to have a recording of that….

And Aisha singing “I’m gonna laugh you right outta my life” was another unexpected and cool moment.

Thanks, Stevie and band (and crew) for another stellar Wonder’s Summer Night.  Looking forward to next time!


2 Responses to “Stevie Wonder live highlights”

  1. I was the luckiest girl (along with my husband). We got to meet him at the after party. I was unable to sleep for the rest of the night and I’m still buzzing about this most magnificent experience.


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