Thank you Mark Knopfler

Thanks Mark and the Band for a wonderful evening of your own unique style of Blusey, Rock N Roots music last night at Chateau Ste. Michele Winery in Woodinville, WA.  What a great evening.  It was all we hoped it would be.  If Mark and the band have not come to your town yet.  GO GET TICKETS.  You will not be sorry.

From Sailing to Philadelphia to Sonny Liston.  Brothers in Arms to Telegraph Road they just cranked out one great tune after another.

And to the dink who sat 10 feet away from us and talk all night:  Put a sock in it, A-hole.  Or if you’re really not there to see the show–stay home and chat with your coffee clatch.  Just because a concert is outside doesn’t give you the right to talk so loudly that no one around you can hear the thousands of watts of sound coming from the 75 amps and PA on the stage.  **Hey Security, take note.

Thanks again, Mark Knopfler.  You still rock.


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