Women in Fedoras

I know nothing about fashion. So I really have no business commenting. But what’s with women and fedoras? This one, in particular, was so bad they couldn’t find a real head to wear it.

I blame Sarah Jessica Parker.


Now, the people who really know, like my wife’s friends at Charlotte Tarantola would disagree wholeheartedly. And that’s ok. This is strictly a personal thing.

Granted, some women can pull it off. No doubt there are hundreds of photos of women in fedoras that work and are the epitome of fashion.

Again, what the hell do I know?  Nothing!

I had a bad experience once and was at a nice Holiday party and one of the main guests had an abhorrent white pants-suit and it was accompanied by an equally scary white pimp hat.  Her husband loved it and thought she was the coolest thing there.  And that’s his job.  Wonderful.  But he tried to get everyone else to agree how cool she looked.  And I was embarrased for her.  Poor thing.

I suppose this is at the forefront of my consciousness because in all the clips of the new Sex and the City movie that are out there are at least 2 shots of SJP in a fedora.  And I am instantly whisked away to that same holiday party.  And I feel shame.  I feel icky.  I am repulsed.

I suppose it could be jeaslously. I can’t wear hats. It’s the ears. I would love to wear hats. Fedoras, even. What? A double standard? Well, yes. Let men have their fedoras. You don’t see men wearing, um…wearing….bonnets!

Well. Except those who play dress up.

Lots of people wear fedoras well. Diddy. Frank Sinatra. Jimmy Stewart. Bogie. My grandfather had a phenomenal hat head. I have many of his hats. But I won’t give them to my wife!

My wife is one of those women who can wear a hat and wear it well. She’s got a few very cool lids that belonged to her grandmother–who was a bootlegger’s wife and a cabaret singer. You get the idea.

But if she ever buys a fedora–fair warning–I will not come home.


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