119 Powhatan Parkway. No, wait, 117 Powhatan Parkway

There it was:  #119.  A Four-Square style house with a wrap around porch on the front.  We loved it.  We oogled it and crept past the back yard through the alley to spy it from every angle.

And save for the very expensive price tag–thought, some day we could live in it.  And then it sold.  Right out from under us! 

We continued to drive down that street on the way home to 40 Greenbrier.  We loved the large sycamore trees lining the sidewalks.  We loved the median strip seperating the traffic coming up or down the street.  The round-abouts.  The small bridge that went over the creek.  The large Oaks where the flocks of herrons lived.

We were in love with this charming neighborhood running along the Chesapeake Bay.  The Wythe neighborhood.  It was charming.  It was our place.

Flash forward a year or so.  We had both taken new jobs at the agency.  Life was, again, exciting and moving fast. 



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