A place of ones own

I am almost 40 years old.  I have had 4 houses in my life.  This latest one, which my wife and I have owned for a little over a year, finally feels like home.  This house has a peace about it that the others did not.

I don’t know exactly what to attribute this to, except to say this:  I am someone who’s constantly striving for something else.  I am rarely ever satisfied.  It’s a lovely unique combination of dna that makes me a perfectionist (in some ways), a little OCD (at times), and very driven! 

So perhaps each house left me longing to push through to that next phase of my life.  Now I am at a phase that I like.  And so too, the house fits?  I don’t know.  Its a chicken and egg thing.  Not sure if I am getting more content and so the house begins to fit or if the house brings contentment.

Good questions for the next post!  See you tomorrow.


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