Analyze this:

I will be involved in the NOBLOPOMO for June (if you don’t know what that is, go here:  It’s a great way to jump start your posting. 

The theme is HOME.  So here’s my home post.  Recounting a dream.

This morning I dreamt that my wife and I and 1-2 other people, whom I cannot now remember, were in a house on the ocean in some unknown place.  It was, at once, a vacation, and then again a work thing–because lots of Ad people were there.  And Tsunamis were striking.  But people were hanging around and continuing with their meetings and vacations.

Large waves hit our house several times but we stay inside.  And the house remained standing. 

For some reason, (I don’t know, to save our lives, perhaps) we left the house.  And even though we were walking through this meeting space I needed to get back to the house because we left our dog, Alex, in the house.  *First of all this would never happen.  And second, Alex is now dead.

As I returned to the location of the house, it had been knocked off its foundation and was laying on its side in the surf being washed around. 

As I ran toward the house looking for Alex, he came washing past me in the surf.  Body surfing, in a way, but had a board laying over top part of him–as if he were debris in the storm.  I heard him moaning and I rushed through the water to try to get to him.  At least I knew, in my dream, that he was OK.  And then I woke up.

Anyone who analyzes dreams could find this one quite strange!  But that’s my home post for day 1.


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