A working vacation: a recipe for an ideal life.

Reading a favorite blog today I saw something referred to as a working vacation.  The author mused:  shouldn’t that be something we strive for?  Well, so as to not misquote, it actually reads:  However, I did have other, more serious matters to think about, for this was a working vacation. (That might be a recipe for an ideal life: a working vacation that never ends.)

Since returning from a 2 week vacation in Hawaii–we’ve dutifully jumped back into life.  Work takes off the minute you walk back in.  And those chores around the house!  Pesky chores!

For those lucky readers whose situations do not require the upkeep of your own daily lives let me explain the weekend list.

  • The much needed lawn maintenance.  Grass cutting, weed whacking, sweeping et al.
  • #2, Which should have been # 1 (great inside joke for another blogpost) poop scooping.  Mugs is quite prolific. 
  • Cleaning house to include vacuuming, dusting, putting away of summer (drat!) clothes until, well, summer.  Again, dog and cat hair–time consuming process.  Laundry graciously provided by wife–who lives in constant fear of me ruining another Charlotte Tarantola original garment.  To quote Bill Cosby:  We are dumb, but we are not so dumb.
  • Going to local pub to feed the monkey its hops.
  • Home Improvement Store Warehouse shopping for additional list items.
  • Trader Joe’s.  People gots to eat!
  • Fix switch for pesky garage door that has been opening itself.  revealing my new and much loved kayak (replacement for old less stable tippy kayak–equally loved but not practical in the freaking 50 degree water of the Pacific NW.  As well as wife’s boat, mountain bikes, aforementioned lawn tools, and a 1952 GE vintage Airliner stove–which is for sale–(want it?).
  • Paint gutter additions for house so they can be installed to keep newly installed gutters from raining water down on my 100 year old porch and rotting it out.
  • Install room darkening shades in upper guest room windows so that soon-to-be returning brother-in-law can a) change without the neighbors seeing his special purpose and b) get some sleep despite the 900,000 watt streetlamp our 90 year old neighbor has mounted on her garage so that the space shuttle can locate our neighborhood from the stratosphere.
  • I think I forgot something but no matter.  It’s 8 o’clock.  2 hours before bed and another week of w-o-r-k.

You get the idea.

I think Neil is on to something.  A vacation where you sometimes do work.  The recipe for an ideal life, indeed.  I’ll be working on that!  Let me just add it to my list.


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