Ahhh, relaxation

Perhaps the best part of any vacation for me is the uninterrupted time to read.  I am such a ponderous reader (I can’t skim–no matter what I do) that it can take me  forever to get through a book. 

On the off chance that I love it and can’t put it down I will read it all the way through; and that still  takes a week!  Books of recent memory that fit this description:  Eric Larsen:  The Devil in the White City, Neil Peart: Roadshow:  Landscape with Drums, Jake Schlichter:  So you want to be a rock n roll star–just to name a few.

So on vacation for 2 weeks I read 2, count ’em.  2 books!  I get a star!

Barack Obama:  The Audacity of Hope and John Berendt:  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

 One is about a guy with stars in his eyes who sees things the way he wants to see them.  The other is a murder mystery!

OMG I just dissed Barack.  Actually I just threw that in to be cute.  I really liked his book.  To quote Jon Stewart: his message has so much hopeiness that it’s hard not to like what he’s about.

More on that subject later.


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