Captain Cook, Hawaii – March 3&4

Travel day:  Arrived around 3.  Road weary but happy!  Bed at 7:45 pm (almost 10 our time) and slept for 11 hours!  Big Samoan guy bought our beers in Honolulu. 

First full day:  March 4th.  I am 39 today!  No real energy expended except the walk down the steep road to the beach.  About 1 mile.  Checked out the view.  Then back up to breakfast.  And…wait for it…..a COSTCO run!  Hey, people gots to eat.  And you’d go broke in Hawaii eating out all the time.  Mostly smackrels and drink.  Out to eat for dinner at Cafe Ke’ei.  Wonderful recommendation from Ken & Erin, our innkeepers.

 The rest of the day was spent lounging either on the lanai or by the pool.




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