17 countries, 1 pair of drawers?

I am such a sucker.  Great copywriting made me buy underwear.  I’m reading how these miricle drawers can be washed out at night and will dry in 2-4 hours.  So you can pack light. 

OK.  I’m in.  I am the king of light packing.  I’d just as soon take a shoe box on a round the world trip than lug a B.A.S (big ass suitcase).

And what do I do then?  Promptly go to Target for basics (zilocks, toothpaste, mouthwash) and I buy 3 pair of shorts.  (But, hey, they were cheap, they fit and they did not hang below my knees.)

Packing light, indeed.  What the hell.  I am still going to try it.  I never wear everything I cart around anyway.

Somehow I don’t see myself in the B&B or condo standing over the sink washing out my drawers.


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