And so it begins

It’s about this time that I begin the countdown to v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n!  Beach, Sun, Drink, Fun–here I come!

This time next week we will be into our second full day of west and wewaxation.  (And I’ll be another year older)!  39, sliding into 40.  Wow. 

 I actually have to show up and do work for the next 3 days (the nerve) but at least I’ve managed to keep up this week and my list has not overwhelmed me.  Most weeks before our vacation I spend at least 1-2 late nights at work until I get my list cleared off.  This month, we’ve made our sales goal and I can go on vacation with a clear conscience.

Hawaii, we’re almost there.  I can feel the sun and smell the salt air already.


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