Dippin Dots ™ Forecast for Bellingham


In a very unusual occurrence this weekend in the Pacific Northwest city of Bellingham, Washington, Dippin Dots TM began falling in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 27th. 

Meteorologists’ forecasts had called for snow with accumulations of up to 5 inches; instead, Northwest residents woke up to a covering of the low-fat, french vanilla frozen dairy treat.

No spokesperson from the Dippin Dots TM company could be reached for comment. 

Meanwhile, residents in this Northwest college town, which has been consistently ranked as one of the top places to live in the United States because of lifestyle, recreational choices, clean air and other qualities, were ecstatic.  “It’s just one of the many reasons we choose to live in Bellingham.  You can sled, snowboard and snack, all at the same time” said a local resident. 

City officials voiced concern late Saturday evening as the dessert began to accumulate.  “The Monday morning commute is going to be a sticky one” cited one city public works official.

A warming trend for mid week calls for temperatures to rise into the 40s.  It’s anybody’s guess as to when this weather anomaly tapers off.  Until then, residents are enjoying nature’s treat.

 Dippin Dots

Dippin Dots is a Trademark of Dippin Dots, Inc Paducah, KY


2 Responses to “Dippin Dots ™ Forecast for Bellingham”

  1. Thank you for your comments regarding our new marketing plan. Yes, Dippin’Dots has succeeded in cryogenic cloud-seeding technology allowing us to, literally, blanket a community with our tiny beads of delicious ice cream. One issue we thought would be a problem hasn’t materialized. We though leftovers might make a sticky mess…but alas, there have been NO LEFTOVERS! Our wonderful fans in Bellingham devised an ingenious plan to collect all frozen dots and distribute them equally throughout the city. Dots for All! Since our Bellingham friends were so receptive to the idea, we hope to one day blanket their landscape with beautiful, multi-colored dots…during the summer months! Thank you Bellingham!
    Dippin’ Dots

  2. Wow. I’m from Bellingham, and I was thinking about dippin dots, and I searched it, and this was like the fifth thing to come up. Random. But I guess Bellingham is a lovely place full of people who most likely have a blog.

    I’m not sure if I get this though. I suppose it would be pleasant to wake up to a soft blanket of dippin dots.

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