New Cat Fur shirt, hot item on Paris runways…

Noted fashion designer, Montaine Mugsley unveiled the new “cat fur shirt” today with plans to debut the item at retailers nationwide this spring.

“It’s the epitome of style.  Form meets function.  All you need to do is get near a recently feline occupied couch, dining room chair, bed or even bath towel that is within 25 feet of this remarkable garment, and viola, the furs just flies toward it” said the award-winning designer.

It’s the best of both worlds:  A cleaner, fur-free home and a lasting, wearable memory of “Cuddles” that you can take everywhere you go!

Producers of the new line say that with increased demand, they will soon offer the hat and scarf accessories and in the fall, the pants option.

Asked if there was any danger of the cat fur separating from the shirt during repeated use or washing–thereby rendering it just another top:  “absolutely not!  The only way the fur will detach from this shirt is if you burn it”.

Mugsley plans to offer the shirt in mostly dark colors.  When asked why she would not consider lighter colored garments she answered, “what’s the point”?

To purchase on-line go to

cat fur shirt


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