Tidewater 4-10-0-9

Cross country trips are always interesting.

Mine was effortless 2/3rds of the way.  In fact, on the longest leg the plane was not full and the gate attendant asked, as I appeared to be one of the last to board: “Are you traveling alone?”  I answered that I was.   He not only put me in a row that was empty but he made sure it was an exit row.  I almost hugged him.  I felt like a rock star.  Or at least like a 6’1” person with enough leg room to stretch out the stilts.  And that’s enough to make you feel great on a 12 14.5 hour day of flying—and just into the second tier of the journey.  (I was going to say second leg, but that sounded confusing)

Now, Cleveland to Richmond is a different story all together.  Currently we are 45 minutes delayed already and it’s not looking good.  They just took the plane out for “high powered engine test”.  I hope it passes!  More news at quarter to eight.  All the while, my exceptionally patient and crucially early sister sits at the airport relishing a few hours to herself.  I felt sorry for her but she feels like it’s a mini vacation.

The endless array of conversations you inadvertently overhear and things you witness are entertaining.  And I wish I had a camera (and the guts) to photograph some of the interesting outfits.  Do we SELL full length mirrors in Wal-Mart?  C’mon, American.  Do you really want to wear that? 

Americans in particular are a loud-mouthed bunch.  We talk as if we want everyone to hear.  We yell at the top of our lungs at our kids.  We shout at our wives and run after them through the airport. 

The most chill dude I met was the one who shined my shoes.  Everyone else was in a major rush—no time for anything.  Work crises galore.  Babysitting disasters.  Mechanical failures.   I think Manuel was on to something.  He was humming along to the radio that played Dancing Queen.  He had two-handed brush action going and made my tired dogs look brand new.  And he seemed pretty relaxed.

New career choice for me?



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