Do you have Sir Walter Raleigh in a can?

Perhaps the coolest thing that happened to me today was at work.  By a busy street.  Working away.  Traffic flying up and down.  And a car goes by and I get the strongest whiff of a particular pipe tobacco. 

Sir Walter Raleigh was my Grandfather’s brand for years.  Although I remember it having a sweet, almost vanilla scent (which could be their aromatic blend–because I don’t think SWR has a vanilla flavor).  But no matter.


So there I am on the street and this scent goes by and a flood of memories come back to me.  Talk about a trip.  I instantly took one back in time.

 Also, in college, one of my music professors smoked the same brand.  And I’d walk down the long corridor for my lesson and I’d have this wonderful scent coming from his office.  Unfortunately for me, I was a freshman and very conflicted about a music major, too young to be in a big city– and so instead of having pleasant memories for me back then, it just made me homesick!

I liked the smell so much that in college I tried to smoke a pipe.  I wish I could say it was wonderful  I wanted it to be.  It seemed like it would be akin to inhaling a brownie.  But it tasted like ass.  And I couldn’t get past the idea that I looked like a 20 year old dork. Girls did not find it charming.  But I loved (and continue to love the smell). 

Today, I was just swept away in a tide of wonderful memories.  So thanks, to that anonymous pipe smoker who passed me today.


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