Your FAVORTITE concert of 2007?

Man, Oh, Man.  Very tough choice.  Do I HAVE to pick 1?  Nope:  my blog, my rules.

Well, I missed my man Bruce Hornsby this year.  Had to make a choice between him and Stevie Wonder.  The concerts were very close together and in another life I may have made it to both–but things were just too hectic.   (Do I sense a new year’s resolution coming on here)? 

So first a list of the artists I saw:

Stevie, can I just say, STEVIE FREAKING WONDER.  My Lord.  What a show!  Best part of the show:  being within earshot.  Worst part of the show.  There was no encore!  Perhaps because the winery has some agreement that shows must stop at a certain time but it ended and you could tell Stevie was just getting pumped.  He could have played 2 more hours.  If he comes to your town and tours in 2008.  Sell whatever you can.  Pay whatever you must.  GO.

Rush.  I was in the crib listening to these guys…I’ve loved them forever.  C’mon, I’m a drummer.  Duh.  Neil Peart, please.  And Geddy and Alex.  The boys were ON that night.  Geddy sounded better than at ANY show I can remember.  Best part of the show: Neil smiled and laughed.  No, really–they played from such a wide range of albums.  It was  aural orgasm.  Ewwww,  did I write that? [sound of browsers clicking shut].  News:  they ARE touring AGAIN in 2008.  In the words of Vincent Vega:  I’m goin’, I’m fuckin’ going.

Ben Folds:  The man is insane in concert.  Best part of the show:  I have never seen someone lead the audience as a chorus through his song with stage right singing part A of a bridge and stage left doing part B.  Worst part of the show:  I waited too long to buy tickets so had to buy scalped tix on the street.  No biggie.  The end justified the means.

Patty Griffin:  She is one of the best songwriters to come along in 25 years.  What a talent.  And what a voice.  That comes from this little tiny person.  Best part of the show:  Ummm.  All of it!  Worst part of the show:  Opening band was a little far out – then he turned out to be her drummer.  Very talented.  Just did not seem to jibe with the main show. 

Pink Martini:  What, you’ve never heard of Pink Martini?  Have you been under a rock?  Do you listen to NPR?  You don’t?  [Emily Litella voiceover]:  Nevermind!  Hang on Little Tomato – – Instant classic.  Best part of the show, sorry honey, China Forbes in some silver dress.  How shallow.  Really I was there for the music, but the picture show wasn’t bad.  Best part of the show:  Amazing musicianship.  And the way the leader got out of the way and let everybody do their thing.  How democratic of you, Thomas!  Worst part of the show.  Nosebleed seats and not able to sit with our friends because it was first come first served seating. 

 And now…the choice.  How predictable!  A tie between Rush and Stevie.  Shyeah.  As IF.  I can’t dis either one. 


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