Nothing for Christmas

It did not happen all at once, it was a gradual thing.  Less and less decorations over the years.  No candles in windows or little white lights strung around the door.  No stockings.  And finally one year, no tree. 

 We don’t have any kids so it’s perhaps easier to skip the madness.  I can’t imagine telling my 5 year old:  No Christmas this year, honey.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy the season.  We do.  But it’s gotten so far away from the Christmases we remember that we’re railing against the rush and craziness.  The commercialism.  The buying frenzy.  This morning in the 2 papers that we read there were 5 articles about how to “survive” the holidays.  Hello!?  Why endure the silliness?  So we can compain at Christmas dinner how the rude lady at Costco pulled the wii right out of your hand? 

 I don’t need any more tchotchkes.  I can do without the Bush calendar or cutesy book about why my cat is overweight.  Save your money.  If you must spend your cash for us, give to  Make a difference.  Don’t buy me a sweater that I will probably never wear.

My wife and I are not giving family or friend’s gifts.  We may give a bottle of wine with a card requesting the gift of our friends’ presence:  a dinner with long conversations.  TIME spent together.  That’s what we need. 

I think I like this new tradition of the Un-Christmas. 


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