Wedding Rings

I had several opportunities to chat with a long time friend of my wife’s family this weekend on my short trip to NY. 

He was a neighbor all during the time that my wife was growing up.  Her brothers and sisters, all eleven of them, were like his extended kids.  He and his wife only had 1 child.  50+ year friends of this family.

 Although I had seen it before on others, I noticed he was wearing his wedding ring.  His wife passed away about a year ago.  He is 89 and is certainly in the late twilight of his years.  But I was struck by the devotion that his ring still represented.  His wife is missed very much by all who knew her but mostly by him and his son. 

It touched me.  It was never was spoken about, but the silent proclamation that it made was loud and clear.  Thanks for teaching me something this weekend, Mr. B.

 Add to that the fact that I was in attendance at my wife’s parents 60th anniversary.  They are so lucky to have each other and a fantastic (thanks again, Mr. B) family.  Fierce devotion.  Wonderful to be a part of.  And I hope, by extension, this rubs off on T and me!


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