Soul Man

I miss my black friends.  I don’t see color generally.  But I do notice when there is an absence of color, like in the whitest state in the union, Washington. 

There are something like 3 black people here.  And I grew up in Hampton, VA.  It’s diverse.  It’s also racist, and a little backward, but hey, it’s the south–that I don’t miss.  And I am not making excuses for it.  But I miss the diversity of Virginia.  The native americans are second class citizens here still and they always have been.  The part of the disenfranchised will be played by the Lummis.

 Many cultures, by virtue of their being shit upon, develop a tightness that we anglos just don’t have.  So many of us just go about our daily business and don’t give a shit about anyone.  Not so with my friends of color.  I suppose I yearn for that.  We do, however care about the Orcas and the water supply (of course we should, don’t send me hate mail).  It’s just strange sometimes how people treat each other.


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