Les Schwab sucks

3.5 hours before my flight out of SeaTac with a 2 hour drive in front of me, I got a flat. 

I went to my local tire store in need of a favor:  dude, fit me in!  He would not do it!  He had 10 people in front of me and would not bump anyone; even though I offered to ask all these folks if I could “cut” in front for a 10 minute flat fix.  I offered to pay extra.  I offered to buy a brand new tire.  ANYTHING to get me on the road and make my flight to NY to be there for my wife’s parent’s 60th wedding anniversary.

Screw Les Schwab.  I have bought 3 sets of $500 tires from them in the last few years.  And also brought tires for my work vehicle.  I let this guy know that I have bought my last set of tires from them! 


6 Responses to “Les Schwab sucks”

  1. I hate les schwab too. though, you should have gone to the other tire store down the road. 90% of all tire stores fix flats for free, and are usually not as busy.

  2. Les Shwab more than sucks. I was ripped off and lied to by a manger this week. In addition, they sent me out in an unsafe vehicle that was made unsafe by the damaged they caused to my front end. This company is horrible and despite their claims to be customer friendly, that’s not really the case. If it was, they’d have a customer service contact person available via their website. Absolutely zero contact information on their website (headquarters contact info). Avoid these clowns!!

  3. O.K. what really sucks about Les Schwab is how they treat their
    employees. There was a manager in Port Townsend who had to
    have a heart transplant and they would not hold his job open for
    him so that he could return to work and not have to sell his house
    and move. Want more details, email me. The corporate office
    did not like the fact that the community wanted the manager to
    stay and return when he was ready. Old man Les Schwa is
    rolling in his grave. Don’t support corporate mentaility.

  4. les schwab is TERRRRRRIIIIBBLEE!!! i went there to buy a set of tires and they RIPPED ME OFF hardcore. they sold me a 265 70 17 set of tires for my tundra but installed 255 70 17. i drove home and noticed their mistake and went back. they said that this was not their fault and they did not install those tires for me.


  5. went to lesschwab on thurthday to set up a next day appointment for the ilignment .and a while back i’ve replaced master cylinder on same car, because it was leaking, and pedal was going farther then normal while braking.
    So i asked them to do the ilignment and check brake system and if it needs to be bled go a head and bleed it.
    They took my phone number and told me it will take them two hours, ok i brought my bike and took it for a ride while they were working on the car, after two and half hours no phone call so i went back to get my car back all fixed up i guessed.
    i came in and was told that i need new tie rod before they can do an alignment and that my brake pads are still good.
    IDIOTS!!! I knew my brake pads are there i chenged them 4 months ago. and that’s not what i asked you for!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i asked you to look at my brake system and tell me why i need to push the pedal so far down to stop the car!
    i still want to try other lesschwab shop but i will never go to one in Camas Washington

  6. I have been going there for 6 years. Bought EVERY tire and shock from them. No problems up till last time. I went to charge some new shocks and tires (around 1000 bucks) and the manager informed me I couldnt because I “Only had a 100 dollar credit limit” I laughed! upon asking how I was able to charge more he said “I can bump you up to 250 if that helps”.

    More of an insult than anything. I paid it all off at that time and am never going back. Find a local tire dealer in your town and avoid Les Schwab.

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