Bitchy people

WTF, people.  Do you have to be so bitchy?  I had 2 separate conversations with a bitchy massage therapist!  What UP with that?  Besides the local headshop proprietor, she should be about the most chill person on the planet.  Cranky.  And they make me cranky.  I’m gonna go off on one of these idiots.

I’m telling you, it’s the rain and the dark.  Daylight savings time and the rains come in earnest.  Boom, there they are one acerbic pain-in-the-ass after another.

 Time to get out of the “dealing with the GP” business.

I turn my other cheek alright, so they can plant one on it.  F you.  What do you have to be so damn mad about?  We’re the ones who should be mad dealing with your bullshit.


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