Monday Night Football or Oprah?

On a lark an acquaintance said “I’m having some guys over to my house for Monday Night Football”.  Now, not knowing a touch-back from a safety, I generally shy away from these gatherings so as to not embarrass myself.  But mostly it’s because I don’t care that much.  I prefer kayaking to baseball, if that tells you anything.  And I’d pick up “O” magazine before Sports Illustrated. 

 But the camaraderie has been great.  The discussions, generally engaging and the jokes, freaking hilarious.  And I have found I actually enjoy these night.  The guys are a blast.  And I think, just maybe, that’s what all the guys you know are not saying:  we don’t give 2 shits about the game, but hanging out–now that’s fun.

 So when your y chromosome carrier says:  I’m going to Bob’s Sunday to watch the game.  It’s his Oprah time–give him a break.  How ’bout them Redskins?  Thanks, Dad.


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