break in the deluge

Tefnut, Goddess of Rain, did not make her presence known today around here.  A rare rainless and, dare I say, sunny day (at times).  Enough so that I could cut the grass one last time before the leaves gather in soaking wet piles and stick to the yard like dog shit on your shoe.

 Altogether the Fall (read Winter) around here is dismal.  We move into our hovels, stay wrapped in blankets, exercise less– drink more.  Gain weight.  Go to college bars where we are waaay over age, and hear a Ween cover band (thanks, Dave).  After that, we wait.  Wait the merciful return of summer.  No, to answer your question, Spring ain’t much better.  But the 4-5 months of idyllic summer make the winter bearable.  Almost. 

 Sometime after late December when it’s dark at 4pm, I yearn to be somewhere warm.  In the 5 years we have lived here I have yet to escape.  This is my year.  Mexico here we come.

 A good friend, Bama Dan, who deserves his own post at a later date, told us about the Baja.  We’re there.  Probably January.  If all goes well, we won’t come back.  Well, maybe after the fourth of July.


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